The Travel Mom Talks About Luggage Tech - Morning Blend KTNV Las Vegas


The Travel Mom (Emily Kaufman), famous as the travel expert on "The Steve Harvey Show" and other hit TV programs, talked about Luggage Tech in an appearance on the "Morning Blend" on KTNV Las Vegas, on March 27. Emily discussed Luggage Tech's "wide range of innovative travel accessories that'll make your next trip a breeze."

She said that Luggage Tech's lines of Smart Luggage, Smart Backpacks, and Smart Accessories make "your travel simpler, by combining "technology with style." Among the innovative features that Emily touted were the "digital weight scale" (that saves you from the "surprise" at check-in), the "GPS tracking system that syncs up with your smartphone" (that lets you know, for example, where your bag is at baggage claim!),  built-in "USB ports," and the "TSA approved lock."

Morning Blend host, Shawn Tempesta, was very excited about the products, "I love how awesome--this bag is styled really well." He also said about the Luggage Tech Smart Backpack, which Emily explained has, like the luggage, USB ports built in: "That's the ONE thing I miss on every trip... I have five battery banks and I never carry them." Shawn was thrilled that Luggage Tech has the features all contained in the products.

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