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One of the critical factors for SMART Travel products is to have all of the convenient features offered by smart luggage and more, but with removable batteries, required by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other governing bodies and airlines throughout the globe. TSA's regulation was enacted at the end of 2017 -- due to "numerous fires and explosions that have happened involving other lithium battery-powered devices" -- and all smart travel items, from luggage to backpacks to accessories to specialized computing products, have to comply. The requirement is that smart products have to be carry-on, or have, as above, removable batteries to be checked in.

Luggage Tech Removable Batteries for TSA Compliance

Luggage Tech's collections of Smart Luggage, Smart Backpacks and Smart Accessories feature removable batteries for maximum convenience. This feature appears alongside of others that "breeze" you through TSA and more worldwide checkpoints like TSA-approved three-combination locks, and then digital weight scales so you know the precise weight of your luggage before reaching the airport... among others.

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